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  Grizzly Granola and Grizzly Foods are now One!

 Grizzly Foods LLC is proud to introduce many new products we are sure you will enjoy.


In keeping with the same great idea "It doesn't have to be complicated to be delicious - it's that simple."

We have added some new items we hope you will enjoy

 We introduced Grizzly's Extra Virgin Avocado Oils

 Grizzly's Balsamic Vinegars

Grizzly's Hummus and now in the  

Spring of 2012 we are proud to introduce

Grizzly's Extra Virgin Olive Oils


In the Summer of 2012 our new Natural Sea Salts, Gourmet Caramel Corn and Jams


People who try Grizzly Foods products always ask the same questions, "What is the secret ingredient and how do you get that great taste?"  We use an approach to our products that is really quite simple.

We take wholesome, natural ingredients and create a great tasting products that people truly love.  Just one taste and you will know the difference.  You will know at once that this is something out of the ordinary. 

  Check out the label on the back of every product of Grizzly Foods and let us know if you find ingredients you don't recognize.  You will not find any harmful chemicals or un-natural preservatives.  What you will find are wholesone and natural ingredients we know you will love.

 So, what is our secret ingredient? Just real, wholesome and natural ingredients that will delight your senses!   "It doesn't have to be complicated to be delicious - it's that simple."











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  • "I met Tracey at the Mesa MarketplaceSwap Meet on Friday. I must say Grizzly Foods have wonderful products! Tracey sold me on her Apple Pies. They are so delicious! I can't wa..."
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  • "I just finished a container of Lentil Salad (yes, ate the entire thing in once sitting) and it is amazing! The individual ingredients can be tasted, yet are so perfectly blended..."

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